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About company

The company is formed by professionals of the market of mobile electronics and portable technology with decades of experience. We represent the Russian consumer a new product at a good price - Electronic door locks, CCTV systems (video monitors and Outdoor Panels) and "smart home" the world's largest electronics manufacturer - the South Korean company SAMSUNG SDS (the SAMSUNG division).

Caring about the safety of the house - the most important place in the life of any human being - it becomes more pleasant and easier with the use of advanced technologies and more efficient with the use of technologies of the future.

Electronic door locks (smart doorlocks) - reinforced most reliable mechanisms controlled by electronics. Submitted in the design package suitable for any interior and for any purpose. Access is provided a RFID tag or a code, or a combination of protection levels, and Flagship locking complex, biometric scanner equipped with a precision of a fingerprint provides unmistakable identification of a person.

Video intercom systems at different levels of complexity - from simple systems to more users, up to systems able to realize all the goals of comfort and safety in the condominium of several skyscrapers with several entrances, guard posts, elevators, parking lots and playgrounds - can be installed separately or together with electronic door locks, forming a complex of security at any level. Subscriber SAMSUNG system devices are compatible with the systems of Russian producers.

Systems of "smart home" combines not only all the features of electronic locks and video intercom, but also allow you to control the climate, appliances, burglar and fire alarms, elevators and even allow you to open and close the blinds.

Here you can also purchase the security and video surveillance systems at different levels of complexity.

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