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The warranty period for the product is 2 years and is calculated from the date of sale.

During the Warranty period, the Buyer has the right to free repair and replacement of parts of the product upon confirmation of faults resulting from an established defect in materials or manufacturing defects.  
When registering the product on the LS Daewoo website (Lsdaewon.ru) within 6 months from the date of purchase, the Buyer is provided with additional service for a period of 36 months.
During the Service period, the Buyer has the right to free services for repair, replacement and installation of new units, while the units themselves and spare parts are purchased at the expense of the Buyer through service centers LS Daewoo.
The repair period is due to the complexity of the repair and the availability of spare parts in stock and is carried out within the terms established by the law of the Russian Federation "on protection of consumer rights".

The product is not subject to free warranty repair in cases:
* absence of the warranty card, incorrect, incomplete filling or presence of corrections in it;
* removal, illegibility, or alteration of the product serial number;
· failure by the user to comply with the instructions in the operating instructions of the product;
· damage to the product arising after the transfer of the product to the Buyer as a result of climatic events or natural disasters, neglect or improper transportation, nonobservance of installation and use, neglect, mechanical or chemical influences, the use of substandard or inappropriate specified in the user's Guide consumables;
· use of non-original spare parts not recommended by the manufacturer;
* modification of the product in any way;
* the presence of external damage to the mechanism: the body of the device, the network cable and the plug;
* product malfunctions caused by heavy contamination and / or ingress of foreign objects (chips, dust, etc.), clogging of the system, nozzles, contamination
electronic board;
· if the product has been previously opened and / or repaired in an unauthorized service center by the seller/manufacturer (incorrect Assembly, use of non-original spare parts, etc.), which led to the failure of the device;

This warranty does not apply to:
* filter elements (water and coal);
· such operations as adjustment, cleaning and other care of the product as specified in the user Manual.

Special conditions:
· At the time of acceptance of the product for repair, the product must be clean 
· Due to the fact that the product purchased by the Buyer is technically complex, it is recommended to initially contact only Authorized Service Centers, information about which is contained on the website: www.Lsdaewon.ru

Require from the organization that sold the product, the correct and complete filling of all columns of this document, as well as the presence of the seal of the Seller's organization.
The fields marked in the warranty card *(including on the back) are mandatory!
Throughout the warranty period, keep the accompanying documents (check, receipt, warranty card), the completeness of the set and the factory packaging of the product.

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